Values – family, goals – global, work – loved. At the entrance exam to the Theater University, everyone imitated classics. For some reason I shot a parody commercial for Wrigley’s Spearmint chewing gum.
I guess it was fate.

At the school, everyone loved ping-pong. Everybody played it. Often, Chinese paddles and balls had to be de-commissioned and this is where the boy, with a bag filled with ping-pong balls came in handy. I bought them for three copecs. And sold them for ten. Later I tried my hand at selling books, dumbbells and even hair dies. There was a deficit and I had my “unique” offers. I knew everyone. Everyone knew me. That’s the story. Yeah.


I love life, fishing, traveling, good food, and fresh baked bread smell…
I love to see everyone dancing till morning.
I was a Cossack chief in my previous life.
Once, I’ve picked up a client at the airport and nearly took him to our office, to find out he is not our client, and came to Kiev to a conference on FAMILY affairs. I picked up the real client on time, though…

I am the luckiest person.
See for yourself:
In the Zoo – the monkey throws dung precisely at me, at the church I will accidentally set the person if front of me on fire. It is me who gets bitten by a bee in the tongue right before an important report at the conference. No one will be surprised, if I chew off a piece of expensive crystal glass at the restaurant, or if a frog hides in one of my sneakers. I am so used to all of this, it doesn’t even bother me.
And I am sure that I am the luckiest person!


Once, when I was little, my grandmother took me to the fair. My grandmother is mechanics wife. This is important for the story. It was a weekend and there were lots of people there. And I got lost. So I stood there and cried. But I got lucky – a compassionate couple decided to take me to the fair’s administration, so they can broadcast that I got lost. And everything would be fine. But my grandmother saw her grandson being taken away. I repeat, my grandmother is mechanics wife. I still pity that poor couple.

One of my first dreams in life was to get rollerblades. It taught me, that by working hard towards your goal – you can make your dream come true. Even if it means skating around the house in your dad’s slippers, trying to annoy him. Quite accidentally, rollerblades and TV-spots – are the same word in Russian – and my new passion in life.


Producer is not just a job, but a way of life.
That is why, it's not that hard to organize in an hour children's party with animators, trampoline, air balloons, all other attributes including costumes, treats and cake a la carte.
But I'm helpless in organizing my cat "Nyavchik". It constantly manages to jump on the window sill and push down the cache-pot with the blooming orchid, tear to pieces my daughter's drawing and steal the make-up brush from my bag.
But, with all these little naughtiness, he still remains family favorite.

About wearing a helmet.
No, nobody died in the crash. This story happened to me this summer. One of my friends decided he wants to be a photographer, and bought himself a professional camera. In order to practice, he invited me to model for him. We took a ride on motorcycle outside the city, spent a great time at the photo-shoot, than came back home. Once I seen myself in the mirror – I just couldn’t stop laughing. My whole face except for the part, covered with sunglasses, was extremely dirty. Needless to say, that photos were very funny.
P.S. I would like to thank the creators of Photoshop.


Once, it was a pre-holiday and I took my 5 years old daughter to work. As you can understand, at days like these nobody really works – everyone is in the good mood, and a bit later we began celebrating. In the evening my aunt comes to visit us at home and asks my daughter:
- Who do you want to be, when you grow up?
- I’ll be like my mom.
- Oh? And what are you going to do?
- Drink coffee and talk!
Now my daughter is a General Producer.

Viktor, whose nickname is Schumacher, did not want to write anything about himself. He is the quiet type. Ok. We can write for him. 10 minutes to any part of the city. 10 minutes to the airport. Feels like a roller-coaster, and he never breaks the rules.
Quiet, but priceless.


I recently understood, that my life is very unexpected. All my friends I met were accidental, my birth was unexpected (mom wanted a girl), I accidentally met Jean Claude Van Damme in line at McDonald’s (that guy definitely did not expect me, he was waiting for his hamburger)!
My biggest surprise was when my two girlfriends found out about each other and dumped me. But I did not give up – and came to work at FAMILY. First thing I learned – future producers must anticipate everything. So I had to reconsider my position in life – now I’m just lucky!
So, meeting FAMILY was a big luck and surprise for me.

I love art in all of its manifestations and can't live without cinema, theater and music. I hope I'll have a chance to contribute to Ukrainian and global art.
In free time I love acting, and especially love playing character roles. There was a time when I played a big fatty with pads and since then it's been my favorite role.


Have you ever been asking strangers for a piece of chocolate on a bus crossing in Malaysia? (because you were craving for!)
Have you ever crushed into the police car right after midnight on New Year in the centre of the city?
Have you ever ridden a wave on a surfboard with 77-year old man?
That`s all about me. Brief but comprehensive! Have an awesome day, folks!